The Farm You Grew Up On is a hybrid of Survival Horror and RPG in which you exact revenge on the cult that destroyed your life.

You must contend with limited resources, strange enemies and an unreliable shopkeep to survive long enough to take down the silent masked cultists.

The full game takes roughly 15-20 minutes to play through.

If playing in browser, audio issues may occur (music does not play) when using Safari, or using a mobile browser. Please use Edge, Chrome or Firefox on a desktop computer.

Updated 12 days ago
PlatformsmacOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorSide Group
GenreRole Playing, Survival
Made withRPG Maker
TagsCult Classic, Horror, mashup, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, Survival Horror


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i know you're likely not checking the comments of this, but may i ask what relationship we're meant to infer from her "girl"? i just want to make sure i see it the right way, thank you!!

Hey, I just checked the comments on this! Haha. I believe the relationship was maternal in my head but it's honestly been a couple years since I wrote/played the game (I'm very much a 'done with this game time to move on to another' person mentally) and I would replay it to see if that's what I was going for but I have to release a new game in 2-3 weeks so that's what I gotta focus on! Ahhh! Deadlines!

also will there be a sequel?

'I doubt it!', he responded 9 months later

love it really good i tho i suggest changing the characters  sprites and the objects aswell by your own sprites tho keep it up i love it

Thanks, yeah this was very much a 0 budget jam game. I would've liked to have my own sprites if circumstances were different

Very creative use of RPG Maker! Definitely different, but enjoyed thoroughly! 

Pretty nice! A lot of good elements!

Dudes as promised part 2 it HERE! Let me know what you all think!!


I hope you enjoy it!

I enjoyed the game 

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Awesome! So glad you liked it- and glad you made it through to the end! I'll share this on my Twitter

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OH MY GOD this is so cool! I loved this game and i wanna hug Elise now!!

Hahaha glad you enjoyed it!

Hi! I posted part 1 here! Check it out and if you would like comment on the video to talk about the game so my audience can learn more about it! Also if I pick at the game ignore me. You did a lot better than I could making the game

Oh this is so cool to see. I'm watching now. Will definitely be sharing around. Would love to see you complete it. :D

Lol cool! Sounds like a plan!

Ahhhhh I need to see the rest! :D

Just played it for youtube! Forgot to save like a moron XD. Still the game is very unique! Might play more next week :)

Awesome- if you do and save it I'd LOVE to watch so feel free to post it here!

Epic! Will do!


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